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How to identify plastic products, digital loop?

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    "1" represents PET, used for plastic mineral water bottles, soda bottles. Heat to 65 ℃, cold-resistant to -20 ℃, only suitable for warm drinks or cold drinks, hot liquids or heating equipment is easy to deform.

    "2" HDPE, used for cleaning supplies, bath products, cleaning is not complete, it is recommended not to recycle, common white bottles, cleaning supplies, bottles, bath products bottles.

    "3" represents PVC, now rarely used in food packaging, this material is likely to have high temperatures produce harmful substances, toxic with food into the body, may cause cancer, birth defects and other diseases, commonly used in raincoats, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes.

    "4" stands for LDPE, used for plastic wrap, plastic film, heat resistance is not strong, it is not wrapped in cling film surface of the food using a microwave oven.

    "5" stands for PP, used for manufacture of microwave meal, crisper. However, microwave lunch box lid is generally not use special PP material, for insurance purposes, the class of consumers in the container in a microwave oven, the best first remove the lid.

    "6" represents PS, generally used for bowl of instant noodles box, snack, transparent food cans, fruit plate, etc., can not be put in the microwave, so as to avoid high temperature and release of chemicals, and can not be used to contain strong acids (such as orange juice), strong alkaline substances, as well on the human body will break down polystyrene.

    "7" represents a PC or other resins and hybrid materials, clean buckets, heat-resistant glass, bottles and more from PC manufacturers.




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