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Advantages of rubber products

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     Silicone rubber products in the market, and more extensive use, why silicone rubber products in the market less popular? What is the advantage of silicone rubber products, here you share the author:
    1. High temperature: Temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in the microwave and oven.
    2. Easy to clean: to produce the silicone products silicone after rinse can be used in the recovery and clean, it can be washed in the dishwasher.
    3. Long life: very stable chemical properties of silicone materials, manufactured products made than other materials have a longer lifespan.
    The soft and comfortable: Thanks to the flexibility of silicone material, bakeware products feel comfortable, very flexible, no deformation.
    5. Various colors: according to the customer's needs, the deployment of a different beautiful colors.
    6. nontoxic: from raw materials to finished products shipped not produce any toxic substances.
    7. The electrical insulating properties: silicone rubber having a high resistivity, and within a wide temperature range and frequency range whose resistance is still stable. Meanwhile silicone for high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge has good resistance, such as high-voltage insulators, TV high hat, electrical parts.
    8. Low temperature resistance: ordinary rubber critical point is the lowest temperature of -20 degrees to -30 degrees, while silicone rubber is -60 degrees to -70 degrees still has good flexibility, some specially formulated silicone rubber also It can withstand very low temperatures, such as cryogenic ring.
    9. conductivity: When adding conductive filler (such as carbon black), silicone rubber will have good electrical properties, such as a keyboard conductive contact points, electric component parts, static parts, high-voltage cable shielding, conductive film and other medical treatments.
    10. Weather resistance: rapid degradation under ordinary rubber ozone generated by corona discharge effect, the ozone and the silicone rubber is not affected, and a long time in the ultraviolet and other climatic conditions, its physical properties are only small changes, such as outdoors sealing material and the like.
    11. The thermal conductivity: When some of the thermally conductive filler is added, the silicone rubber will have a good thermal conductivity, such as heat sinks, thermal gasket, copiers, fax machines and other thermal roll.



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